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LindaLinda T. Powell is devoted to using music as a tool to help children and teens develop personal awareness, grow self-esteem, and expand healing in their lives.

Linda completed her training in the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music (BMGIM) at the Southeastern Institute for Music-Centered Psychotherapy. She obtained her Orff Music Level 3 Certification from Memphis State University, Master of Music Degree from the University of Michigan, and Bachelor of Music Education degree from Boston University.

Linda taught music in public and private schools for more than 30 years. She also provided music and imagery sessions for individuals and groups of children and adolescents in a variety of settings, including public and private schools, after school programs, hospitals, and residential treatment centers.

She was inspired to write stories to address the needs of the children. Linda’s body of original work includes more than 150 stories for children, several teaching manuals, and Orff music curriculums (rhymes, songs, and dramas). All of Linda’s stories are written to inspire children to find self-awareness and healing in their lives.

Linda created an innovative process for working with children by combining her original stories with music and imagery. This process has proven effective in various settings and is the motivation for her recent publication,Stories, Music and Imagery: A Doorway to a Child's Self-EsteemISBN 978-1-59571-201-1. This book is a guide for teachers and adults who work with children ages 8 - 12.  For a list of available materials, please follow the Products link.

In addition, she developed an innovative character education program for Orff music, which she introduced to a variety of schools and churches.

From the Adawehi Institute in Columbus, NC, Linda currently gives Music and Imagery sessions for individuals and groups. She teaches a variety of music classes and piano lessons at her studio in Tryon, NC. Orff Music and drumming classes are also available.

Linda is available for workshops, school residencies, and presentations. 

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