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Bonny Method Guided Imagery and Music

Linda uses the effective healing tool of Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) to help children find ways to apply newfound insights in their daily life challenges. Linda shares, "I have seen how GIM helps children and teens take an honest look at themselves. This process is a catalyst to help them move from a stuck, troublesome place, to a new view of themselves. From this new perspective, they can relate to themselves and others more effectively."

Individual sessions

  • Children and teens – 1/2 hour  $25                1 hour $50                  
  • Adults Sessions – 1 ½ hour $75
  • Group Sessions – $25 per client
  • On-Location Sessions – Linda would love to discuss giving on-location sessions for individuals or groups.

What is the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music (BMGIM)?

Bonny Method GIM is a music-oriented exploration of self-awareness. This method gives clients the opportunity to go into their sense of self and discover their own uniqueness. It is a place and space to develop understanding and open the doors to creativity. GIM sessions offer clients the opportunity to integrate mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of well-being. Using the healing power of music and a dynamic unfolding of inner experiences, the client can bring about therapeutic change in a safe and supportive environment.


How was BMGIM Developed?

The Bonny Method of GIM was developed by music therapist, Helen L. Bonny, Ph.D. While performing on her violin, she had an extraordinary experience that inspired her and opened her awareness to the power of music for positive change and healing. She worked with clients in a relaxed state of consciousness and observed that the music was evoking spontaneous and creative imagery, frequently leading to life-enhancing insights and transformation. Inspired by this work, she developed the method now known as The Bonny Method of GIM.


Description of Services

The Bonny Method has been used effectively with adults, adolescents, children, persons in recovery, psychiatric inpatients, terminally ill patients and others. Linda Powell’s area of expertise is in working with children and teens. She has been successfully using GIM with children and teens since she graduated from the GIM program in 1992.

Individual Sessions

Full hour of Bonny Method GIM with music specifically chosen to explore the existing issue 1 hour – $50 Half hour sessions with short piece of music (appropriate for the younger child) 1/2 hour – $25

Group Sessions Group Sessions of 2 to 4 clients for one hour $25 per client

On-Location Sessions Linda would love to discuss giving on-location sessions for individuals or groups.


What is a BMGIM session like?(BMGIM)?

The child/teen indicates an issue or aspect of their life they would like to explore. Linda chooses music that will be most effective in meeting the client’s unique needs. Linda guides the session while the child/teen listens to music in a relaxed state. The child/teen allows their own images to come to conscious awareness and expression. These images may include visuals, feeling states, memories, awarenesses, and/or body responses. This process encourages discovery and awareness in a supportive environment. When the music ends, the child/teen will have an opportunity to explore applications of the session in their daily life.


Is the Bonny Method GIM used for individuals or groups?

GIM is primarily a dynamic process between client and therapist, but can be adapted by experienced facilitators to include group processes. Linda provides sessions for individuals and groups.


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